Along with the transformation of the IT age, various technological innovations and developments have already made the IT society a daily life, and computer systems have become necessary and indispensable tools that constitute an important social infrastructure.

Under these circumstances, in order to properly select, change (apply), use, and maintain these tools, it is important to properly determine the scope of the system in the business process and to configure it properly.

The true ability necessary for that purpose is not only the ability to develop and provide the system, but also the ability to understand and logically organize what the system is, such as knowledge and experience, technical ability and application ability, etc. We believe that it is the power to judge and communicate what is the correct system for customers based on.

The system should be easier and more concise. I think it should be more familiar and familiar.

Providing customers with high-quality thinking and tools by visualizing how systems are involved in business processes and coordinating how these tools should be configured and used more clearly We believe that it is our mission.

In the future, Thinks Creative Plus Co., Ltd. always thinks about what we should do, and while working to fulfill our social responsibilities, we will strive to be a company that develops with you.

Chief Executive Officer
Satoshi Otani