Business promotion support solution


We will analyze and present customer site problems and improvements, and support the promotion of business.

The contents of requests are diverse, including analysis of problems and improvements in the workplace, and proposals for measures and overall design (grand design). Among them, many requests and inquiries are PM (project management) support work in system development project management.

Here, we introduce "PM support work in project management" which is a typical request item.

Request items for PM support work

In general, the following two points should be presented when making a request.

Request items for PM support work

The role of the project organization (supervising manager, PM, common team, infrastructure team, etc.) is not clearly defined and tends to be arranged sensuously.
For this reason, it is unclear what the teams in the project organization should be.

Issues of PM support work

By sorting out what needs to be done for PM support work, the contents to be executed and implemented, and the points to be noted, it is possible to extract issues hidden in this work.

We believe that PM support work is a business partner's position and an advisor's position (adviser) to the customer organization that manages the project independently.

 ・PM support work ⇒ ① Advisor (≠ critic) + ② Assistance of actual work (support)

* The scope of work is the scope other than decision-making and related to people and money. In principle, management authority is not delegated.

Inherent issues

Concept of project management

(1) Project management (management) perspective (QCDE)

It is important to understand the purpose of management and manage it properly, without neglecting to clarify management targets and management standards. In general, there are cases where the management standards are ambiguous and work is done sensuously.

Management targets and management standards

* Management targets and management standards are points to keep in mind from the viewpoint of PM in system development.

■Clarify management targets and management standards and manage them correctly (deviating objectives and operations other than management standards are wasteful)
⇒ The idea is blurred if there is no standard (the idea depends on people, the environment and the situation)
⇒ I don't know how far I can do without a standard (leads to empirical and sensory indicators)

(2) Project promotion cycle (PDCA)

In order to carry out the activity cycle for the promotion of the project, it is very important to "preserve what was decided in advance = to perform as planned".

The inequality sign in the figure shows the relationship of how to use the time of each cycle (upper: original time relationship,lower: current time relationship)
PDCA cycle

It is important to devise the work so that it can be passed down to the subsequent process by visualizing (sharing) the work as much as possible. It is considered ambiguous with respect to the standard.

In order to solve these problems, it is important to clarify the completion criteria for the deliverable (output) of each process.
The deliverable of this process is created as an output that delivers the deliverable of the previous process to the subsequent process, so the contents (completion criteria) that must be clarified in this process are defined and defined in the form of the deliverable By doing so, you can suppress the ambiguity of the results for the work.

Major issues that arise

In project management (= organization management), the issues that arise from the above-mentioned "philosophy of project management (management)" are extracted.

Type indicates the perspective of project management (QCDE)
Assignment title Content Type
1 There is a tendency to specify systemization requirements with rough functional requirements There is a tendency to specify systemization requirements directly from survey and analysis of program units, and it is not necessary to accurately specify functional requirements (functional units) , and personalization by experienced people and experts has progressed. Therefore, it is easy to induce lack of consideration for business specifications. (Q)
2 There is a tendency to grasp the work man-hours by the number of personnel and the operation rate There is a tendency to sensibly grasp the amount of work with respect to the scale based on the number of workers and the availability. No soil has been developed to evaluate work efficiency and productivity compared to the plan (estimated standard work man-hours) planned in advance. (C)
3 There is a tendency to start work with a rough work plan Although WBS is created, work items, work procedures, and deliverables are not put into detailed levels in advance, but there is a tendency to materialize and improve accuracy in the course of the work. Increase or decrease. (D)
4 Verification of systematization of business requirements tends to be the final process From the above 1, verification of systematization of business requirements tends to be the final process (test), and the scope of recovery work is widened ⇒ In the case of conventional small development subject and maintenance work, it is easy to turn, The scope of recovery work is likely to be local, causing the illusion. (D)
5 Organizational support and follow-up systems tend to be neglected We often request (or leave) the work to the person in charge or business partner in a lump, and there is a tendency for organizational support and maintenance of follow-up systems to be neglected, and the work situation (intermediate progress and work accuracy) Delay in understanding and revealing problems. (E)
Organize the problem

In project management (= organization management), it is important to analyze (issue analysis) and sort out what problems are occurring and where the problems are inherent, and how unclear the roles and completion criteria are You can understand whether it is sparse.